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At Massage Therapy Center of Sylvania, we take a different approach to massage.

Our focus is always on treating the underlying cause of your pain and helping you restore your range of motion, flexibility, and functionality while using scientifically based techniques.

Our methods are rooted in physiology and anatomy. Our massages offer more than relaxation for serious chronic pain relief.

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Our warm, heated table is a safe space for everyone to heal, relax and recover.

Our extras, like hot stones, heat packs, cupping and assisted stretching, never come with an extra cost.

We are happy to treat a range of conditions in the Toledo, Sylvania and Northwest Ohio area, from tight texting necks, stiff shoulders from computer work, aching upper backs from holding babies, sciatica and low back pain, runners with IT band issues, hips that hurt from pregnancy, postpartum stress and anxiety, scar tissue from injury or surgery, swelling from cancer treatments like mastectomy and so much more.

This was my very first massage, so naturally lots of anxiety going into it. My friend Natalie recommended her and she was SO MAGICAL! I have spastic cerebral palsy so my bones and muscles have always been super tight. She loosend me up super good and increased my blood flow tenfold! Thanks so much Tonya I’ll be back again soon

Aishia S.

Tonya is the best! She was able to quickly identify the issues that I was having, and I got relief after a single session. She is professional, compassionate, and knowledgeable. Highly recommend

Amy C.

Tonya was able to help me with vertigo and sinus congestion. Her techniques seem to increase my circulation and provide total relaxation after a massage!
Tonya’s knowledge of the muscles and body add to her skills and she has great suggestions for at-home care to be done in between appointments. Highly recommend!

Dawn G.

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5600 Monroe Street Building A, Suite 202
Sylvania, OH 43560