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Our patients say the kindest things! Hearing feedback about how we have improved the quality of life for someone in Toledo, Sylvania, or anywhere in Northwest Ohio gives us a monumental sense of purpose and satisfaction. The greatest thank you that we can get is the testimony to our technique and skill. Thank you to all of our patients that have taken time to provide this feedback to us.

Tonya at Massage Therapy center of Sylvania is hands down (pun intended) the best massage therapist in the Toledo/ Sylvania/ Maumee/Perrysburg area. She focuses on the rehabilitation aspect of massage and really helps restore function and decrease pain in her patients. I was in a car accident and really did a number on my neck and shoulder. She helped me relax and helped my body heal while helping me stretch until the nerves were no longer on fire and my muscles werent spasming. She knows how to find the knots and get them out. You cant afford to not call her today and feel so much better.

I can not say enough good things about Tonya. I have been having debilitating headaches for years. In the last 6 months they have become daily. I have been to many drs and been going to PT for over 3 months. No one could figure out what to do for me besides up me on pain medication. I refused to be on up to 5 different meds and started seeing Tonya. I was using of a low dose of ibuprofen, Tylenol and over the counter lidocaine patches daily. After the first visit I only had to use my over the counter meds a few days. I was lifting laundry baskets, cleaning my house, using a vacuum and walking my dogs short distances again. I had not done those activities in over a year do to my pain. I am on my third visit and plan to go back again this week for a 4th. This week so far no meds this week. Really happy with my results. She really knows what she is doing! So happy to have my life back.

Stephanie S.

Heather G.

Tonya was able to help me with vertigo and sinus congestion. Her techniques seem to increase my circulation and provide total relaxation after a massage! Tonya’s knowledge of the muscles and body add to her skills and she has great suggestions for at-home care to be done in between appointments. Highly recommend!

Tonya at massage therapy center of Sylvania is the Toledo areas best kept secret. For people struggling to manage their pain and want a non prescription or surgical option, massage can really make a huge difference. Tonya is really skilled at restoring the functionality to muscles and joints and her massage techniques have personally helped me with my back and hip pain. If you need to just relax and unwind there’s many options in Toledo, Tonya included, but where she is really gifted is with her ability to work with your healthcare team to add a lot of healing if you’re injured.

Dawn. G

Mike P.

I began receiving massage therapy from Tonya after a car accident. I was in upper and lower back pain that reached into my neck area. I am extremely fortunate that Tonya began to treat me. She has been amazing for so many reasons. She asks questions about how I am feeling and from there develops a plan to work on me that brings about astonishing progress and relief. Her experience shines through. She puts so much effort into her work. The results are remarkable. I am feeling so much better now and am getting my range of motion back without the pain. There is more work to be done. I am blessed to be treated by such a kind and thorough therapist. If you need a massage to relax or heal, I am here to say that Tonya is one of the very best at massage therapy.

Tim G.

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